How to Start Scuba Diving

The world below the sea is stunning.

Just try scuba diving once, or even snorkeling, and you will realize just how beautiful this world really is. You will come face to face with corals, a stunning array of colors, and amazing marine life in all sizes and shapes. The underwater world is more beautiful and peaceful than you can ever imagine.

You will experience weightlessness like you can in the space. You can visit underwater caves and caverns, and even lost cities, and shipwrecks. You may even end up discovering new marine species and corals.

Did you know that only about 5% of the underwater world has been explored?

But you need training and preparation before you can go down there.

Step 1 – Improve Your Fitness

Full face snorkel masks, other advanced diving and snorkeling gear, training, and modern medicines have made diving and snorkeling safer. However, at least basic physical fitness is still necessary. So it always helps if you improve your fitness. You should also know of the few medical conditions that don’t allow diving. Fill out the questionnaire before joining a training class.

Step 2: Join a Training Class

You need to join a training school to learn the techniques, gestures used by divers, and what you should do when you face a situation. Typically, you start off in a swimming pool or shallow water. This is followed by a few “try dives” before you are ready for the deep blue sea.

Step 3: Get Your Gear

Equipment is always very important. You can rent the gear always, but it’s always best if you have your own stuff. Sometimes, the price of rental gear is included in the diving school cost. Make sure to get only the best equipment that fits you well. Plus, you will feel more comfortable too if you are diving or snorkeling with your own gear.

Step 4: Learn the Theory

The underwater world is different in many ways. The environment may affect your gear and even you in ways you didn’t expect. You will never know before. It is thus important that you are prepared for anything. Good training will give you this preparation.

Step 5: Practice with Your Instructor

Always get adequate practice with your gear. Swimming is one thing, and diving or even snorkeling is another. Wear your regulator, mask, fins and everything else and try diving with your instructor in a controlled environment till the time you gain more knowledge and experience.